What is Zeta Broadband?

Zeta Broadband, LLC. is a wireless internet service provider. We specialize in servicing rural and remote areas. We use wireless radio frequencies (RF) to deliver broadband speed to your home. Our goal is to deliver an enjoyable internet experience for those who would have otherwise been left unserviced by other broadband providers.

So how do you differ from a Satellite ISP?

Just to clarify, we are NOT a satellite provider. We deal with terrestrial wireless, meaning our points of presence are scattered throughout the Sacramento and surrounding areas much like your cell phone service. We are limited to Line of Sight, which means in most cases you'll need a clear unobstructed view to one of our towers. Trees and other obstructions will cause problems with connectivity and speed. In some areas we do offer "Near Line of Sight" service, which, works better at penetrating trees and other obstacles. Because we're a terrestrial based service, the radio frequencies don't need to travel as far as they would in a satellite environment. Thus, resulting in much lower latency. Typical latency reported off of Satellite providers range from 1000ms-3000ms, on our network average latency ranges from 20-80ms.

What does a typical installation look like?

Our typical installation consists of mounting a "J-Arm" to the eave of your home. On the "J-Arm" we mount our antenna which is a panel about 12″ x 12″ x 2″. From the antenna we run CAT5E cable to the room specified. Interior attic pulls are not included in the standard installation. These are available for an additional $85/hr.

Here's an example of one of our standard installations:

standard installation
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Can I use my VoIP phone with your service?

Yes, you can use any VoIP provider you wish, we have many subscribers that are utilizing these services already. Our low latency connection provides for usable VoIP service.

What about my VPN?

This works too, we do not filter any ports relating to Virtual Private Networks and have many users utilizing PPTP, L2TP, and IPSEC VPN protocols.

Do you filter any ports?

Yes, mainly we filter outgoing port 25. This is done by many providers to help combat spam. If you have an SMTP server that you absolutly must use we can whitelist that particular server for your account. To remove this block please email our Technical Support, support@zetabroadband.com and include the SMTP server you wish to use.

Are static IP's available?

Static IP's are available and start at $9.99/mon for the first IP. IP's are available in the following allocations:

/32 - 1 usable IP
/29 - 6 usable IP's
/28 - 14 usable IP's

If more are needed please send an email to our technical support department, support@zetabroadband.com.

How many email accounts do I get with the service?

You get five email accounts with our service. All email accounts include SPAM/Antivirus protection, webmail access, and 250MB of storage space. You'll also have the ability to setup auto-responders and redirects through our email control panel.

Do you offer email and web hosting?

Yes we do, please call us at 916.354.0190 x 1 for more information.

OK, how do I sign up?

To signup please visit our service plans page, or call one of our sales representatives at 916.354.0190 x 1.