Zeta Broadband is a locally owned and operated WISP delivering broadband internet access to residential and business customers throughout the Northern California region. Started in 2006, Zeta has quickly become a regional leader in the wireless industry.

Priding itself on excellent customer service our customer's experience has been Zeta's key to success and steady growth. Our exceptional team of qualified professionals has made the impossible possible for rural communties who were previously under-served or completely ignored by traditional broadband providers.

Wireless Tower


Zeta Broadband uses a combination of Licensed and Unlicensed technologies to deliver internet service to your home or business. Licensed Microwave links provide high speed wireless backbones - essentially replacing fiber backbones - to our towers throughout the region. From there we use Licensed and Unlicensed frequencies to deliver to your local point of precense, home, or business.

Zeta monitors the network 24 hours a day and 7 days a week using SNMP applications to provide real-time status updates to our engineers, technicians, and directly to our customer visable outage map.


A standard installation consists of a small panel mounted to the exterior of the home. CAT5 cable is run from the panel antenna down to a room of your choosing. Routers are available for lease, or you may provide your own.

Here are a few pictures of our installations:

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